Registration fee

Payment of the registration fee is mandatory for all authors and co-authors of the 9th International Scientific Conference FKPV Circular economy opportunities and moder technologiesfor each article.

The registration fee does not include accommodation.

The registration fee must be paid for each approved paper. At least one of the paper’s authors must register and present the paper at the conference in order for it to be published in the conference proceedings. In the event that individual authors want to participate at the conference with more than two papers, they must make special arrangements with the conference organiser.

Author I * 125.00
Author II ** 80.00
FKPV students *** 25.00
Paper formatting **** 75.00

* Author I:
The fee includes the publication and presentation of the paper, participation in all conference sections, conference materials, lunch and beverages with snacks, information and support of the conference support service
** Author II: The registration fee includes all the items listed under Author I above, and applies to hosted lecturers from outside Slovenia and students from other faculties (valid only upon enclosure of a relevant study/enrolment certificate).
*** FKPV students: Students enrolled at FKPV in the academic year 2021/2022 or 2022/2023. FKPV students do not need to enclose study/enrolment certificates. Students enrolled at FKPV prior to the academic year 2021/2022 must pay the registration fee listed under Author II above.
**** Formatting of PAPERS for the scientific conference: (a) formatting of font size and styles, numbering of chapters and subchapters; (b) Setting of document margins and formatting of paragraphs (as specified by the template); (c) Formatting of author’s citations and references for inline citations and images/figures/tables in accordance with the specified standards listed in the template (the author of the paper must provide all information required for identification of the citation); (d) Formatting of the Bibliography section (the author of the paper must provide all the information required for identification of the citation).

Payment method
Payment must be made within 3 days upon the online submission of papers, or papers will not be received by the reviewers.

Payment information
Address: FKPV, Lava 7, 3000 Celje
IBAN: SI56 0311-8100-0932-130
Purpose code: OTHR
Reference: SI00 + identification number which was assigned to you upon your registration online.

All payments must be processed free of any additional banking charges for the FKPV. Bank statements, as well as personal cheques or company cheques are not accepted.

Policy for cancellation and refunding of paid registration fees
In the event that an author does not attend the conference, the registration fee is not refunded; however, a co-author can present the paper without the payment of an additional registration fee provided that he/she comes from the same organisation. In the event that an author later decides that he/she does not wish to participate at the conference, FKPV keeps 50% of the paid registration fee. In the event that the paper is rejected by FKPV due to non-compliance, the registration fee is returned to the author.

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