Profile of a graduate

The masters study programme provides a wide range of competences in the field of business information science, which graduates will be able to use in their work with business information systems and other functionalities within various business environments. Based on the interdisciplinary understanding of different fields of activities, graduates will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to plan, organise, manage and monitor all levels of business information systems – the operational, tactical and strategic level. The key subject-specific competences of the masters study programme Business Information Science are:

  • capacity for understanding and solving concrete working problems by using scientific methods and procedures;
  • capacity for integrating knowledge from various fields (inter-disciplinarity);
  • capacity for placing new information and interpretations into the context of professional development;
  • in-depth knowledge in the field of the chosen module;
  • in-depth knowledge of methods for modelling and analysing business processes (Business Intelligence);
  • capacity for managing data and processes;
  • capacity for planning and designing complete business information systems (ERP);
  • in-depth understanding of safety technologies and their application in the business environment;
  • capacity for analysing and evaluating the quality of business information systems;
  • competences in information technology in the field of web application design and analysis;
  • in-depth understanding of marketing campaign management and of the use of modern information technology in marketing;
  • capacity for understanding intercultural differences in the business environment and the acquisition of negotiating skills.

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