Profile of a graduate

Graduates will be capable of creative use of knowledge in a business environment, independent and team work in professional and scientific research work, business communication in a domestic and international environment, analyzing the quality of business processes with the aim of achieving business excellence and using modern information technology in a business environment. In addition, they will develop subject-specific competencies such as:

  • the ability to understand and solve concrete work problems using scientific methods and procedures;
  • the ability to connect knowledge from different fields (interdisciplinary);
  • the ability to place new information and interpretations in the context of professional development;
  • knowledge of information technology in the field of designing and analyzing web applications;
  • in-depth knowledge of business process modeling and analysis methods (Business Intelligence);
  • ability to manage data and processes;
  • the ability to plan and design comprehensive business IS (ERP);
  • in-depth knowledge of security technologies and their use in the business environment.

With the acquired knowledge and competences, the graduates of the master’s study in the field of Business Informatics will be employable after completing their studies:

  • in leading and managerial positions in profit and non-profit organizations and in the state administration as heads of IT departments,
  • as independent consultants in the development of business information systems in a business environment,
  • in small (own) companies, where the owner must have all the knowledge for running a small company and managing risks in it, and
  • as researchers and analysts in organizations, research institutes and in higher education.

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