Profile of a graduate

Graduates will be capable of creative use of knowledge in a business environment, independent and team work in professional and scientific research work, business communication in a domestic and international environment, analyzing the quality of business processes with the aim of achieving business excellence and using modern information technology in a business environment. In addition, they will acquire subject-specific competencies such as:

  • risk management and developing methods for assessing the risks of security systems;
  • management of projects and innovations in the field of safety management;
  • basics of ecological safety and environmental rescue systems;
  • the ability to introduce knowledge from the field of security management into the working circles of organizations and the private environment;
  • the ability to connect knowledge from the field of security management with other related knowledge and their placement in practice;
  • management of communication technology;
  • the ability to evaluate security conditions;
  • scientific communication ability in the field of safety management.

The FKPV Master of Security Management will be an expert with theoretical and practical knowledge qualified to lead and organize work in organizations in the field of security and, with the help of the analytical skills he will acquire during his studies, perceive security issues and face risks. As part of his work in both the public and private sectors, he will be able to take on the most responsible management and consulting tasks in the field of security phenomena related to operations in both the local and global environment.

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