Profile of a graduate


In addition to general competences, such as recognising and understanding business processes and research methods and acquiring skills for personal development, growth and life-long learning, graduates of the Commerce I programme also gain subject-specific competences, such as:

  • understanding the basics of macro- and microeconomics,
  • the ability to use information and communication technologies and systems in the running of a company,
  • expertise on basic economic questions and ideas,
  • commercial law knowledge,
  • recognising and understanding the system of marketing,
  • understanding dynamic changes in international markets and their influence on the international business processes of a company,
  • the ability to use logistics in all functions of business,
  • awareness of the importance of account auditing,
  • knowledge of financial planning and ways of financing a company,
  • knowledge and understanding of payment transactions,
  • expertise in the field of supply management,
  • understanding the importance of the connection: organisational structure – company strategy – organisational culture,
  • the ability to recognise and develop employee competences,
  • knowledge of EU activities and methods of acquiring and applying EU funds,
  • knowledge of the fundamentals of business management, organisational structures and target management processes.

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