Besides general competencies (e.g. the ability to assess security, the capacity of scientific communication in the field of security management, the ability to use ICTs, analytic and synthetic thinking, knowledge of different strategies and problem solving competences, critical assessment of different approaches and methods) graduates from the Security Management first-cycle study programme shall also acquire subject-specific competences, such as:

  • Understanding of different social systems in the concrete global social situation and the ability to analyse, synthesize and anticipate solutions and consequences in the field of security and protection of society;
  • implementation of action research and applied research in the field of security and protection sciences within local, regional and international contexts;
  • knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of tourist, humanistic, social and business sciences in both the context of time (historical) and the current social context;
  • ability to apply theoretical findings in the field of security and protection of society within a specific environment and the ability to link knowledge from different fields and apply it in the domestic and international business environment;
  • management of the communication process with the aid of modern technology and techniques among different interdependent factors with respect to the provision of high quality security/protection services in the local and international environment.

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