In addition to general competences, such as recognising and understanding business processes and research methods and acquiring skills for personal development, growth and life-long learning, graduates of the Tourism I programme also gain subject-specific competences, such as:

  • understanding the basics of macro- and microeconomics and knowledge of fundamental economic ideas and questions,
  • knowledge of financial planning and ways of financing a company,
  • understanding the importance of the connection: organisational structure – company strategy – organisational culture,
  • recognising the role and significance of organising, running and managing a company; gaining qualifications for project work and for devising contemporary forms of organising, running and managing a company or organisation,
  • knowledge of the methods of modelling and analysing business processes,
  • recognising the role and significance of tourism within a business entity; the ability to develop and organise the relevant business models in a working environment,
  • the ability to choose the correct statistical method when compiling statistical analyses, and the ability to interpret the results,
  • the understanding and ability to operate the basic and general branches of tourism,
  • the correct methods and procedures for problem-solving in the fields of wellness, sports, marketing and event management,
  • understanding and application of knowledge in the fields of tourism, sports and leisure time management,
  • planning, organising and monitoring relations and processes in the social and economic environment on a local level, with special emphasis on sustainable development,
  • knowledge of the characteristics of international tourist environments and destinations,
  • developing skills and capabilities of applying knowledge to specific fields of expertise,
  • understanding and using information and communication technology and systems in tourism,
  • the ability to find, interpret and make use of relevant information in the field of tourism,
  • the ability to connect fundamental knowledge from diverse fields and apply it in a domestic or international business environment.


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