About the club

Why the FCBS Alumni Club?

The FCBS Alumni Club represents a useful link between all generations of graduates at the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences. It facilitates students’ expansion of their private and professional networks, acquisition of experience, as well as private and business contacts from the business sector.

In the club you will be able to find your classmates and older graduates who are already actively engaged in the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

The Alumni Club of the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences also offers its members the possibility for life-long learning through participation at lectures, conferences, roundtable discussions and other events, organised by the faculty. Thus, with the help of the Alumni Club its members can improve themselves and acquire new knowledge and education in a pleasant way.

What does the FCBS Alumni Club offer?

  • Discount on tuition fee in the event of further studies at the FCBS;
  • Benefits from the FCBS Alumni Club sponsors;
  • Discount on participation at the FCBS International Scientific Conference;
  • Networking of graduates;
  • Career, professional and personal development, as well as guidance (registration in the employment seekers’ database, monitoring of employment listings, advice when seeking employment or during career development, etc);
  • Education workshops, seminars, roundtables, lectures, etc; and
  • Active collaboration with the club and the faculty (project collaboration).

To become a vital organisation for the preservation of connections, communication and business cooperation among different generations of graduates and our faculty.

  • Preservation of the links and connections among graduates;
  • Preservation and development of community at the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences;
  • Improvement and strengthening of the faculty’s reputation in Slovenia and abroad;
  • Development and promotion of commercial, business, IT and tourist sciences;
  • Development of individuals and organisations; and
  • An active role in the positive development of society in general.

The fundamental value of the Alumni Club is the continuance of everything that you have been striving for during your studies.

The FCBS Alumni Club offers an encouraging environment and activities for the preservation of connections and communication among different generations of graduates of the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, and the faculty itself. It enables the personal and professional development of individuals and organisations, promotes the accomplishments of its members, the faculty and business sciences at the local, national and international level, while actively participating in the positive development of society.


Head of the FCBS Alumni Club

Vesna Domadenik, MSc (Econ)
Phone: 03/428 55 36

Members of the FCBS Alumni Club Organisational board

  • Mirjana Ivanuša Bezjak, MA
  • Fadil Mušinović, MA
  • Andreja Nareks, BSc (Logistic)

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