Assurance of Quality

nakvis_boljaThe FCBS set up a consistent system for monitoring and assuring quality, which includes the implementation of self-evaluation, as well as the perfection of specific instruments for monitoring and assuring quality.

With due consideration of the applicable laws and regulations, criteria and European standards, the FCBS guarantees:

  • real-time monitoring of quality, competitiveness and efficiency of its activities, including educational, scientific, research and professional work;
  • planning of periodic self-evaluations;
  • collection and analysing of information about students’ results and overall education outcomes, as well as other related activities;
  • identification of deficiencies in the implementation of its activities and any discrepancies between the planned activities and achievements; and
  • inclusion of its staff, students and other relevant stakeholders in the quality assessment of its activities.

FCBS carries out self-evaluation on regular basis, including:

  • evaluation of the teaching process delivered by students and other relevant stakeholders from the environment;
  • evaluation of all activities;
  • evaluation of the adequacy and diversity of resources from the national and international environment, and financial performance;
  • recording of the development of the FCBS in connection with the development of the relevant environment;
  • recording of deficiencies and errors;
  • analysis of accomplishments; and
  • quality assessment of all FCBS activities and preparation of proposals for improvement.

Procedures for monitoring and assuring quality at the FCBS include the following fields:

  • integration in the environment;
  • operation of the faculty;
  • staff;
  • students;
  • material conditions (premises, equipment, library, IT activities and funding);
  • assurance of quality, innovation and development-orientation; and
  • organisation and implementation of study programmes.

General instruments for the monitoring and assurance of quality at the FCBS include planning, reporting, self-evaluation, external evaluations and accreditations. The basis for the annual planning process is the FCBS strategy. Annual planning and reporting is implemented in accordance with the work programme and the financial plan of the FCBS.

Self-evaluation includes a self-evaluation report, which records and analyses the findings about achievements and deficiencies of activities of the FCBS, as well as proposals for remedying errors and making improvement. The annual self-evaluation report of the FCBS is based on the evaluation of the collected quantitative indicators in specific fields with the elements of qualitative assessment.

The self-evaluation report is the key document for external evaluation, which includes the assessment of the FCBS in all fields specified by the Criteria for Accreditation and External Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions and Study Programmes. The external evaluation is planned and organised by the National Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Assurance of Quality in Higher Education.

The responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Committee in accordance with adopted acts are, as follows:

  • preparation of the self-evaluation report which is notified to all members of staff and students and published on the faculty website;
  • discussion of the annual work programme in light of objectives and measures for improving quality;
  • examination of the FCBS annual work report;
  • discussion on the approach of (annual) in-depth self-evaluations, evaluation results and corresponding measures on the basis thereof;
  • discussion on the performance of specific mechanisms for monitoring and assuring quality, drafting of proposals and improvement thereof;
  • reporting to the FCBS Senate, Management Board and the Student Council on the accomplishments in the field of quality, as well as drafting improvement proposals;
  • monitoring of the implementation of student surveys as well as drafting improvements for their implementation and application;
  • monitoring the performance of the system for monitoring and assuring quality, as well as drafting proposals for improvement thereof;
  • collaboration with the National Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
The FCBS aims to further improve the quality of the faculty, therefore the Committee for Quality follows the set guidelines for achieving and improving of quality.

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