Library rules

1. General provisions

  • The library facilities are intended for searching materials and information in library catalogues and other information sources; studies; learning, etc.

  • Library materials are arranged according to the UDC system.
  • The Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences (hereinafter: the FCBS) Library business hours are set according to a permanent schedule, whereby any potential changes thereto are published on the library webpage, as well as student pages on the FCBS website and Abitura, d.o.o. (hereinafter: Abitura).
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the library.
  • The library shall not be liable for the personal belongings of the library visitors.
  • Visitors must comply with the library rules and make sure that they do not interrupt others during their studies or leisure activities.
  • In the event of major violations of the library rules (theft, damage, etc) users must settle any material damage and, furthermore, lose their right to visit and use the FCBS library.

2. Library services

  • borrowing of library material for use at home or in the reading room;
  • interlibrary loans;
  • cataloguing of library materials;
  • maintenance of researchers’ bibliographies; providing information about new materials at the FCBS library;
  • assistance and advice when searching for materials;
  • assistance and advice when citing the resources used in student works;
  • use of the library technical equipment intended for students and staff and
  • access to the Internet.

3. Membership

a) Members

  • Members of the FCBS Library are students of the FCBS and students of the Abitura short-cycle higher professional programmes, as well as students of the Abitura secondary vocational school.

  • All members of staff and associate staff of the FCBS are also members of the FCBS Library.
  • The FCBS Library membership can also be granted to other institutions and libraries with which the FCBS Library collaborates through interlibrary loans.
  • Anyone not mentioned above cannot register for membership to the library.

b) Membership fee

  • Members of the FCBS Library are not required to pay a membership fee.

c) Registration of members and membership card

  • Upon their first visit students have to present their student ID and a valid personal ID, while members of staff have to present a valid personal ID only.

  • Instead of a FCBS Library membership card FCBS students present their student ID card, while students of the Abitura vocational school present a valid personal ID upon each visit.
  • If students lose their card they must immediately report the loss to the library, or they will be held personally liable for any abuse of the card. Furthermore, in such an event students must also arrange a replacement student ID at the Student’s Office within the shortest possible time.

4. Library material transaction

a) Loan

  • The loaning of library materials is possible only with a card or a valid personal ID.

  • Visitors must present their student cards, which are not transferrable, and/or valid personal IDs upon each visit to the FCBS Library.
  • Library material, which is merely being used by members on the library premises and not being borrowed, cannot be placed back onto bookshelves, but must be placed at the borrowing counter.
  • Library users can borrow an unlimited number of library materials, for which they are materially liable.
  • The librarian has the right to restrict the number of borrowed materials in the event that the materials are in high demand.
  • The loan period is 14 days for library materials and 7 days for journals and non-library materials.
  • Reference materials; i.e. the materials, which can be accessed by users in the reading room only (lexicons, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlases, etc) and final works (diploma and master’s theses, doctoral dissertations) are not available for borrowing.

b) Renewal

  • If the users need the library materials past the expiration of the loan period they must renew the loan.
  • The number of renewals is unlimited.
  • Materials that are already reserved cannot be renewed.
  • Users can renew loans:

– in person by presenting their student ID or personal ID;
– by phone (03 428 55 58),
– by email (,
– with their personal password through the My library service, which they acquire at the library. Borrowed materials that have exceeded the loan period cannot be renewed through the My library service. The loan can only be renewed by visiting the library, by phone or by email.c) Requests and reservations

  • Available materials can be requested by users. The requested materials will await the user for a maximum of three working days after which it will be available to other users.

  • Users can reserve materials. When reserved materials are returned to the library they will await the user, who is informed of their availability, for a maximum of three working days.

d) Overdue fine and notices

  • A fine is paid for overdue loans according to the valid pricelist of the FCBS Library.

  • When the unpaid fines reach 25.00 EUR, the user can no longer borrow or reserve library materials until they settle the costs in full.
  • Users with overdue loans will be sent overdue notices.
  • The library issues notices on a monthly basis, with the exception of July and August, when users whose loans are overdue for more than 7 days are notified by phone.

  • Until users return the borrowed overdue materials and settle the corresponding fines and costs of notices, they cannot borrow other materials.

  • Users who do not return borrowed materials by the end of the loan period can be denied the loan of additional materials until they settle their corresponding obligations.

e) Lost or destroyed library materials

  • In the event that users lose or damage library materials they must pay to have them replaced with new materials and settle processing costs according to the applicable FCBS Library pricelist.

  • If the library materials cannot be replaced with the same materials, the materials will be replaced with content-equivalent materials in agreement with the librarian.
  • If it is established that users deliberately damaged the library materials they must pay three times the replacement value of the materials, as well as the costs of processing.

f) Completion of education

  • Upon completion of education the users must return all the borrowed materials and settle any unpaid debt to the library which was incurred during their education.

  • One of the requirements for approval of students’ withdrawal from the FCBS or Abitura is that they have settled all library transactions as required.
  • In both above-specified cases students acquire a library certificate, which they submit to the competent office. Upon their withdrawal/completion of studies their membership to the FCBS Library is terminated.

5. Interlibrary loans

  • The FCBS Library also administers interlibrary loans for all library users.

  • Library materials that are received by the library for interlibrary loans can be used in accordance with the requirements of the library that loaned the materials.
  • Users must pay the costs of borrowing of materials acquired during interlibrary loans according to the valid pricelist of the FCBS Library.
  • The Interlibrary loan service for loaning FCBS Library materials to other libraries is charged according to the valid pricelist. Libraries that borrow materials through an interlibrary loan also accept the responsibility for the borrowed materials.

6. New library materials

A list of new materials at the FCBS Library is published each month on the FCBS Library website and available in physical form at the library.

7. Use of technical equipment in the library and the reading room

  • Visitors can also use computers at the FCBS Library and enter the reading room upon presenting their student ID or personal ID.

  • Users of computers in the FCBS Library must not:

– remove or install software;
– visit compromising sites;
– enter personal data.

  • Members of the FCBS Library can also use a scanner and a printer. The printing of up to 3 pages is free of charge, while any further pages are charged according to the valid FCBS Library pricelist.
  • Photocopying of specific parts of materials is allowed in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Zakon o avtorskih in sorodnih pravicah (ZASP)).
  • Users must comply with library rules. In the event of violations their use of library computers can be prohibited for a specific period of time.

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