Material Conditions of the Faculty

The Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences (FCBS) invests significant material resources in its own premises since it is aware that provision of adequate facilities is of utmost importance for the successful work of students and lecturers. Today the FCBS owns approximately 3,000 sq. m. of premises at its head office at Lava 7 in Celje.

The faculty owns 19 modern, well-equipped lecture rooms for smaller and larger groups (up to 120 students). All rooms are equipped with modern teaching technology. There are also four computer rooms with a total of 80 computers, which are also available in the library and on the premises of the student organisation.

The faculty has its own library and reading room, 3 offices for student affairs, a meeting room, 10 rooms for lecturers and a photocopy room.

Since it is one of the objectives of the FCBS to prepare future graduates for the use of the most advanced ICTs, the faculty updates and upgrades computer rooms on a regular basis. In 2006 the faculty opened a new computer room with 21 computers at its head office in Celje. The computer room also serves as the library reading room. A similar investment in another computer room is planned for this year.

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