Enrolment of Foreigners



  • 1st deadline: 17. 2. – 4. 7. 2023
  • 2nd deadline: 8. 7. – 30. 9. 2023


  • 1st deadline: 5. – 7. 7. 2023
  • 2nd deadline: 8. 7. – 30. 9. 2023 or until vacancies are filled


The applicants applying to enrol with education acquired abroad must file an electronic application and all of the corresponding attachments through the eVŠ.

The following is to be attached to the application:
1. a scan of the document certifying the completed educational programme,
2. a scan of a certified translation of this document (point 1) into Slovenia or English – original must be send to FKPV, Lava 7, 3000 Celje, Slovenia.
3. a scan of a certificate showing the content and duration of the educational programme and the fulfilled obligations during the programme (e.g. a diploma supplement, a secondary school report card),
4. a scan of a certified translation of this document (point 3) into Slovenia or English – original must be send to FKPV, Lava 7, 3000 Celje, Slovenia.
5. the chronological description of the education signed by the holder of the document
6. copy of a personal identification document.

If the FCBS is unable to verify the authenticity of the documents, the applicant will be asked to send the original document certifying the completed educational programme. The originals of the educational documents will be returned upon inspection.


The study at FKPV is conducted only in the Slovenian language. Prior to enrollment (until the end of September 2023), FKPV may require candidates to provide a certificate of Slovenian language proficiency certificate (basic level). Candidates can find more information about the options for taking the Slovenian language exam on the website of the Government Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants.
– Examination of the Slovenian language at the basic level
Free Slovenian language courses


Recognition of foreign education is carried out at FCBS. Pursuant to Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 87/11, 97/11-amended and 190/12 – hereinafter ZVPI, the deadline for submitting a decision on the evaluation of foreign education is one month from receiving the complete applications. Applicants must comply with the deadlines for submitting attachments in the application. Recognition of foreign education is 44 euros.


– Undergraduate Studies
– Postgraduate Studies


Technical issues: EKC – Contact Center of the State Administration via email ekc@gov.si or phone 00386 80 2002. Content issues: ŠOS – Student organizations of Slovenia via email info@podpora-vpis.si or phone 00386 64 179 197.


Candidates will receive all information by e-mail and on the website www.fkpv.sia and via email: dodiplomski@fkpv.si.


– Study in Slovenia
– ENIC/NARIC Centre Slovenia
– Support for Ukrainian Nationals in Slovenia
– Help for Ukrainian citizens in Slovenia
– Izkaznice za osebe z začasno zaščito (ID for persons with temporary protection)

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